Bomb Survivor iPad App Review

Patrick Garde January 26, 2014 0
Bomb Survivor iPad App Review
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Are you looking for a kid-friendly game?  Look no further!  Bomb Survivor, an iPad app developed by Santiago Barreta, is a game that features simple gameplay mechanics.  As the title implies, you must live up to the name as a bomb survivor as you find yourself sprinting across the playing field, avoiding bombs, jumping over land mines and getting to the end to reach the helicopter and fly you out of the danger zone.

There are 18 various missions (or levels) which are spread out across battlefields, cities, and other settings.  At first, you just have to worry about the planes above you dropping bombs.  As you progress, however, you have to be wary of land mines scattered on the ground.  It may sound easy, but it gets complicated fast.


Aside from surviving the onslaught of bombs, bonus levels are also present in-between levels.  This time, the mission is different.  Coins are dropping from the sky and your objective is to get the most possible coins.  Further, watch out for a heart being parachuted to get additional health in-game.

As far as the controls are concerned, the developer used a very simple arrangement.  Run faster by tapping on the bottom left arrow.  If you want to slow down your pace, simply click on the bottom right arrow.  To jump over mines, the top left arrow will do the trick.  Again, it may look simple on paper but once you combine the other elements like the number of bombs dropping overhead or the numerous deadly mines set up for you, it leaves you with no option but to work on your reflexes.


You can avail of in-app purchases to buy different uniforms.  These uniforms will give you an advantage as you gain extra health and strength.  This will allow you to complete all the missions with ease.

The game also features social integration.  You can share your score via your social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter.  Game Center is also integrated as well.

If there’s one thing that the developer can improve, it’s probably the design on the “survivor” or hero that you control.  He looks like to be out of place at times especially since the background graphics are good in general.  Also, though there is social integration, the Twitter share button pops up every now and then, even if you’ve turned off sharing on the options menu.

Nevertheless, Bomb Survivor is a simple game that kids will enjoy.  This iPad app is worth the download at $0.99.

Note: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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Price: $0.99

Developer: Santiago Berreta

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