Candy Boom iPad App Review

Patrick Garde January 19, 2014 1
Candy Boom iPad App Review
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Eva Studio is looking to join the popular match 3 puzzle game genre with Candy Boom.  This iPad app is an easy pick-up-and-play puzzler that is best for passing some time.  Just like its inspiration, Candy Crush Saga, the game may look simple but it’s actually quite challenging.

You may be familiar with Candy Boom as you’ve probably seen it on Facebook.  Before, this match-three game boasts over 1 million active players.  What makes it successful on the social network front is the integration you get as you can compare your scores against your buddies.

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Every stage in Candy Boom plays the same where you are asked to clear all the white tiles from the screen.  Think of it as candies having wrappers.  The challenge is you have to do it on a set number of moves.  To remove the white squares from the board, you have to match three (or more) similarly colored candies.  If you connect four or more sweets, or form special shaped matches, the panel will be filled with wrapped up candies which serve as power-up and/or bomb which can clear a whole line of tiles, either vertical or horizontal, or some just explode several cramped up squares.  Making combos will speed up the process of advancing to the next game.

Each time you play a new round in Candy Boom will require you to spend one life.  It replenishes as time pass by though if you can’t wait, you can buy more heart via in-app purchase.  You can also buy additional power-ups if you’ve exhausted all the free ones given at the start.  Boosts range from clearing the entire row at the bottom to candies getting destroyed in an instant, and another which shuffles the candies entirely.  As you play, you’ll be able to earn power-ups as well when you finish games, earn points and level-up.

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Assuming you were able to remove all the white tiles on the screen before you used up all the available moves, you’ll play a bonus game where the panel of candies and move counts will reset.  This will give you the chance to earn more points without having to consumer another life.

Personally, I like the feature that you can challenge your Facebook friends in a friendly duel.  Though the gameplay may become repetitive after a while, I still had fun playing Candy Boom.  The AI also help from time to time with a subtle hint as to what could your next move be.  Candies pop-up a little for you to notice, however, it’s usually just 3 candies.  So, you just have to work your keen eye to find those elusive combos.

Candy Boom is now available on the App Store.  This free-to-play iPad app is a fun match-three puzzle game that will feed your addiction, especially if you like games that are similar to Candy Crush Saga.  Match-3 fans will find this worthy of an install.

Note: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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Developer: Eva Studio

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