Croma HD iPad App Review

Paula Garde August 29, 2011 0
Croma HD iPad App Review
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We all know the magnetic notion that opposites attract but this certain law of attraction does not apply in this game.

Croma HD is an interesting iPad app involving monochromatic colors. The gameplay is very simple: protect the main circle from the other falling circles by shooting them with the same color of bullets – white for white and black for black. Its main goal is to challenge you to stay on the game as long as you can. Here is our complete review:

The circles vary in size and speed. Some are fast in descending while the others are way too slow. Be careful with some circles that break into smaller ones, they tend to create more harm. A giant circle also appears from time to time but it is quite easy to push it away. Several power-ups are available to help you last longer on this game. Bigger balls for shooting, multi-shot balls, and laser are just among the power-ups that you can use.

The graphics of this game look simple as well. There are only 4 colors all throughout the game – white, black, blue and red. Though there are only 4 basic colors to see, the shades are far from being dull. Croma HD has a certain appeal that keeps you hooked.

Show how long you can last in this fast-paced game of interchanging colors. You can also compete with your friends in Game Center and OpenFeint. Personally, staying on this game is quite a challenge. A game of more than 2 minutes is an achievement for me. It becomes extremely difficult once the circles fall simultaneously with the control reacting more slowly than expected.

Croma HD is available on iTunes for $1. 99. This version includes unlimited gaming and a number of power-ups. Croma HD also has a free version which is available for download. This allows you to experience this game but with a time limit.


Stay on the game as long as you can; fast-paced; power-ups; variety of shades; easy gameplay


Quite repetitive; control reacts slowly sometimes; portrait only


Croma HD is a game that requires color coordination in order to stay long. Though there aren’t any levels to move up to or different challenges to overcome, this iPad app provides a fun activity to keep you entertained.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


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$1.99 [iTunes Link]


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