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Paula Garde June 25, 2011 0
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Feevo HD is another fun and exciting game developed by Tetris Online. This app challenges you to connect 4 or more similar pieces together and clear them out for you to earn points, move up to a higher level and unlock special game features.

Feevo HD consists of two different modes – Fever and Blaze. In Fever mode, you need to clear as many pieces as possible for you to earn points. The action bar at the bottom of the playfield goes down every time you make a move. You can somehow take your time and plan your best move. Once the action bar is empty, the game is over. However, you can extend and replenish your action bar when you get high fever modes and multipliers.

When you match 5 or more similar shapes together, it will create a Power Piece. Once you clear the Power Piece, it will ignite a lightning that will clear the pieces on its own row and column for added points. What’s more is that when you clear the Power Piece with 5 or more identical pieces, it will produce a Mega Piece that rapidly blinks and changes its shape. By clicking the Mega Piece, all the matching shapes are instantly removed thus increasing your points. Bonus balls falling and bouncing on the sides of your playfield also boost your scores.

In Blaze mode, you have to remove the pieces before the time bar runs out. The goal is to simply earn as many points as you can. In this mode, you’re playing against the time so you need to have quick reflexes and be fast in clearing out the pieces in order to get great scores in the end. I tend to get higher scores in the Fever mode though, since I can replenish my action bar again and again and play for a longer time.

Although the gameplay is nothing new and quite similar to Bejeweled games, Feevo HD is still tremendously fun to play either by yourself or against your friends. It retails for $2.99 and is available on iTunes.

Pros – addictive game; easy to earn points; challenges your speed and reflex;

Cons – similar to Bejeweled; gameplay is not new


Feevo HD is a challenging game that is both fun and highly addictive. Though the gameplay is similar to Bejeweled, Feevo HD is still great in its own way. You’ll surely want to make good progress and build up your score as you go through each exciting level.


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Compatibility: iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Seller: Tetris Online, Inc.

© 2011 Tetris Online, Inc. All rights reserved.

Price: $2.99 [iTunes Link]

Copy: Purchased via iTunes Gift Card

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