FlySmacker iPad App Review

Patrick Garde August 5, 2012 0
FlySmacker iPad App Review
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FlySmacker, an iPad app by Mindsmack Games, is a simple yet addicting game. 

iPad App Review:

This is not your ordinary fly swatting game. FlySmacker starts with a tutorial on how to smack some flies. The objective of this iPad app is to preserve the food on the table and don’t let the flies get near as they will eat the food in 3 huge bites and the game will be over.


FlySmacker has 1 game mode in which flies will hover around the screen and you need to kill them by using the interactive flyswatter or your electrifying gloves. The electric current can be activated with the use of multi-touch controls.

This iPad app needs you to kill as many flies and preserve the food on the plate and fill the gauge on the upper right corner. Once the gauge is full you will move on to the next level.

You get a virtual trophy if you are able to preserve the food completely on the level.

FlySmacker will get you hooked with the gameplay. I assure you that the game is pretty addictive so we’re warning you.


The graphics of this iPad app is very pleasing to the eyes. You will definitely notice the different kind of flies; the electric current is also bright. You will also love the cool artistic backgrounds.


Controls are fairly easy to master as presented in the tutorial. You just have to tap the screen to use the flyswatter to shoo or kill the flies. To use your electric gloves, you have to use 2 fingers to tap and hold. Remember that you can’t use your gloves all the time as you need to keep watch of the battery on the upper left corner of the screen.

Sound / Presentation

Even if the sounds are nice, I’m a little bit annoyed by the woo-hoo and yahoo sounds when you hit a combo (by killing 2 or more flies at the same time). I would suggest to toning it down a bit in the next update.

The app also has a Fly Files section wherein you can get to know more about your enemies’ strength and Achilles’ heel.


I hope they do add some content in the future update and tone down the sounds a bit. Even with those weaknesses, I still believe it is definitely worth the $0.99 price tag. You can give this game a try with its free version, but there’s a banner ad on the top of the screen which might distract you.


Addictive gameplay

Crisp graphics


Annoying sounds

Crashes a couple of times


Overall, FlySmacker is one addicting game. This iPad app is hard to put down with its crisp graphics.


FlySmacker iPad App Screenshot 1FlySmacker iPad App Screenshot 2FlySmacker iPad App Screenshot 3FlySmacker iPad App Screenshot 4


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


© Mindsmack LLC [official website]


$0.99 [iTunes Link]

Free version with ads [iTunes Link]

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