Gesundheit iPad App Review

Paula Garde August 14, 2011 0
Gesundheit iPad App Review
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Gesundheit! HD iPad app is filled with fun games, challenging tasks and gross pig snots. Yup, you read it right: this game is filled with slimy green piggy snots! Here is our complete review:

In German, Gesundheit is said after someone sneezes to wish that person good health. The little green pig, who suffers from runny nose and constant sneezing, is the main protagonist in this game. You need to help him save his other piggy friends from being eaten by the giant monsters.

Shoot your pig’s snots to successfully lure the monsters into traps. You do this by simply pulling your pig backwards (similar to a slingshot position) and then release. Though it sounds gross, the monsters actually find the green snots as delectable treats. But nothing is more delicious for them than a live pig so you must be fast at running and hiding.
The gameplay itself is innovative and truly challenging since you have to carefully strategize to succeed in every level. There are 40 exciting levels to complete. But this game actually allows you to skip some levels and get back to them when you wish.

Throughout the game, you’re faced with different obstacles such as the color-coded buttons for opening the gates and the star teleporters which add more challenge.

Star fruits are to be collected along the way to earn more star fruit points.  These fruits are quite fragile since they can be broken by the monsters and by just accidentally shooting it with your piggy’s snot.

The graphics look beautiful as they appear to have been painted or drawn. Include the adorable animated characters and you get to have special graphics like this one. This app also includes its own original music and sound effects.

Gesundheit! HD is available on iTunes for $2.99.


Fun and innovative gameplay; beautiful drawn-like graphics; familiar controls; challenging levels; original music;


The premise of the game is a little appalling; this game is too lenient in skipping levels


Gesundheit! HD iPad app has an innovative gameplay with quite an appalling yet amusing means of defeating the monsters.  After playing this game for some time, you’ll learn to strategically use the slimy piggy snots to your advantage.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


Konami Digital Entertainment

© (c) 2011 Konami Digital Entertainment


$2.99 [iTunes Link]


Purchased via iTunes Gift Card.

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