Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower iPad App Review

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Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower iPad App Review
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Haypi Co. Ltd. looks to build on their monster collection RPG title with Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower. This iPad app, which may seem like a Pokemon clone on the surface, has improved its gameplay better than its predecessors.

In Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower, players run around a virtual town where hundreds of monsters roam the lands. A group of people asked the monster trainers to delve into The Lost Tower to look for new sources of energy. Why? Well, the evil forces destroyed their peaceful existence. Hence, the monsters became irritable and started to battle it out with each other. Your goal is to reach the top floor of the tower. Note that the difficulty increases each time you move up a floor.

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When you start the game as the newest monster trainer, you will be given an entry-level monster named Abby, a fire type rabbit. Then, you’ll be taken to an in-depth tutorial where you will learn about the environment, battles, etc. Thereafter, gamers are left on their own to continue with their adventure. With any luck, you can catch, train, and breed (via synthesis) creatures along the way. The bulk of the gameplay lies in various scenes where it houses unique monsters. These levels are presented like a board game where players click on a go button which triggers the rolling of a six-sided dice. You will move a few spaces depending on the result of the dice thrown – a la Monopoly. Then, resting on which spot you land, you will fight another monster, get a boost, collect coins, etc.

There are a number of activities you can do in Haypi Monster. One of them is you can compete on a Ladder Tournament. It is basically a player-vs-player type of game where you fight it out with another gamer with your trained and acquired monsters. As you put battles under your card and win against other players, your rank will increase. Climb the ladder until you get beaten by another where you have to wait for a cool down period of less than 10 minutes before you can fight again. What’s interesting is that you can challenge other gamers or you can be challenged.

Another activity is Team Mode. As the name implies, you will team up with another player to encounter strong enemies for experience and in-game currency. The mode features 2-on-2 battles where you and your partner will release a monster while your opponents release theirs. Win a match and you will be rewarded with rewards like skill books and scrolls.

Other activities include: World Boss, where you can join forces with other trainers to beat invading world bosses by calling your best monsters; Trial of the Grand, face strong monsters where you could win extraordinary items; Boss Raid, crush bosses with the help of your friends to obtain Boss Essence, an element that can be swapped for monsters or items; Wanted Monsters, collect a huge bounty when you happen to catch a wanted monster; and Fortune Race, where you will race against other gamers for goodies.

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Also, there are online PVP matches provided in real-time format. If you want to brag about the monster team you’ve assembled, this mode will settle the debate. Whenever you win a battle, you will be given honor points. Though the game doesn’t allow you to pick on whom to fight (they randomly match you with a stranger), I think the selection of opponents is fair. You will not be pitted against another trainer that is far superior to you.

One more feature I like about the game is it offers traditional RPG gameplay with elemental attributes on the side. Different creatures with contrasting elements will have an advantage against their enemy. For instance, fire type monsters will be vulnerable against water type. Make the most of the elements’ pros and cons to be successful. You can either play solo and face the most evil bosses and get past the toughest levels, or you can play against your friends via multiplayer mode.

If you played Pocket Monster before, battles will be pretty much familiar. You will face off head-to-head and select which type of attack you are going to use. Also, you can switch monsters if you want to exploit the elements. Further, you can change the combat mode to automatic and let the AI do the strategic thinking. At the end of each battle, you will be awarded with coins and experience.

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The developer has done a nice job of adding new content as they recently put in new scenes to the game. New levels are Thorny Forest and Ocean Abyss.

As far as its flaws are concerned, you need to have internet connection to play. Second, capture rates seem off. Lastly, synthesis may have some weird requirements which you need to accomplish first.

Nevertheless, Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower features plenty of content (100+ levels in eight scenes) and a lot of monsters (almost 200) to capture and breed. This iPad app has enough variety despite some minor shortcomings.

Note: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/id696562316?mt=8

Price: Free

Developer: Haypi Co., Ltd.

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