Imbroglio iPad App Review

Patrick Garde June 19, 2012 0
Imbroglio iPad App Review
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Imbroglio is a challenging puzzle game that requires you to spin mystical stone cylinders, called Lithos. It offers a unique game play experience but the repetition may turn some players away. Below is our review of this iPad app:

The objective of this app is to have all the Lithos glow so that the next level is unlocked.  How do you do that? Well, the controls are pretty simple, just swipe the Lithos to the left or right and you’re all set. Each cylinder has four (4) symbols (Air, Water, Earth and Fire) and you must find the right figure facing the screen to make it glow.

The game is set in a magical island called Ombelico which expects aftershocks from tsunami. This is evident as on the right side of the screen, there is a water gauge that lets you see the level rising. When it runs to the top, this will scramble the Lithos.

At first, it seems easy but after a few rounds, the game play becomes challenging. Some of the Lithos will be connected which means that if you spin one it will affect another, so do your best in solving the puzzle with this in mind.

Besides its unique game play, Imbroglio offers good graphics – well, if you’re using the iPhone as it is designed for the smart phone and not for Apple’s tablet. You can fit the display on the screen while using iPad, though the quality of the graphics may not be great anymore.

This app also offers a tribal like music which is very pleasing to the ears. Also, when the water gauge is near the top, a warning sound will be heard.

Imbroglio tries to keep things exciting by adding some unique experience in solving puzzles, but gamers may only handle swiping to a certain extent before the app starts to feel repetitive. Possibly including something to spice things up would help. This puzzle game, however, is more interesting than some of its rival apps.


Not your ordinary puzzle game

Pleasing soundtrack


May feel repetitive over time


If you want a fun game to keep you busy then you should try Imbroglio. It’s a simple app at first but becomes more challenging as you progress. While others may feel its repetitiveness, it offset the fact that it has quality graphics (for iPhone) and a stimulating soundtrack. I wouldn’t mind adding this to my games collection.


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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Developer: Creative Experiences – Lisbon Labs – Solucoes Mult

© 2012 Creative Experiences – Lisbon Labs

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