Phooter 2: Flickr Photo Shooter HD

Patrick Garde February 4, 2012 0
Phooter 2: Flickr Photo Shooter HD

Imagine that you’re able to visit five completely new places around the world in less than a minute! What’s more for good pointing it on the map you’ll get a whole bunch of points, glory and a global fame! And… all the time you will travel with a suspicious green foot… Strange? But beautiful!

New application is available on Android and iOS and it’s called Phooter 2. Its greatest attributes are the uniqueness and the ability to learn new and specific sites from all around the world. Each game lasts about a minute and gives us five unique photos from different parts of the world. The task is to guess where these pictures were taken and find this place on the map – as precisely as possible.

During the game we will be accompanied by a cartoon friend – Phootie traveler. Displayed images are downloaded from Flickr. The first available category is Capitals. If you know in which city you can see the red phone booth, which country is famous for the manufacture of cigars, or – with a little bit of luck – you know exactly where the Eiffel Tower is – try your hand! The pictures are as varied as the people who did them during their travels.

Trying to get the most points and improve your place in the world ranking we begin another games and after each of them we get to know more places, cultures, associations.

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