Photo Hunt HD iPad App Review

Paula Garde July 28, 2011 0
Photo Hunt HD iPad App Review
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Photo Hunt HD iPad app is a challenging spot the difference photo game, a game which we’ve all come to love. It tests your skills on how fast you can find the inconsistencies in each pair of photos. Here is our complete review:

The gameplay hasn’t changed. There are two identical pictures and you must find 5 differences before the time runs out. But I tell you, Photo Hunt HD is the most difficult I’ve played so far. Though the photos are extremely clear and sharp, you would have quite a challenging time looking for the tiniest bit of difference. I’m still way too far from being an expert at this app.

Photo Hunt HD has 2 modes – Casual and Classic. In Casual mode, there is no time to beat. It lets you play on your pace and minus the time pressure. There are just no hint buttons to help you find the remaining answers. But you can always skip and move on to the next photo once you’ve given up.

In Classic mode, you have over a minute for you to spot all the differences between the two pictures. The points depend on your time. The faster you solve the game, the more points you get. Whenever you touch a wrong thing, your time diminishes faster.

The sound of the time limit ticking away actually adds more excitement and challenge to the game. If you’re already having a hard time and becoming more pressured as the seconds go by, there are 3 hint buttons to help you in the Classic mode.

There is a free demo version of this app on iTunes. The free Photo Hunt HD app consists of 30 pairs of photos to play. Its paid version costs $1.99 and offers 300 challenging pairs of pictures that would surely leave you occupied for hours and days. Photo Hunt HD also has an in-app themed photo pack released every month for only 99 cents each. The in-app packs contain 100 new pairs of photos to solve.


Contains a lot of challenging pairs of photos; 2 different modes; pictures are extremely clear and sharp; monthly in-app themed photo pack for only 99 cents; 3 hints in Classic mode


No difficulty levels; no hints in Casual mode


Photo Hunt HD is a photo game that challenges your skills to quickly find the 5 differences between two similar photos. This iPad app is very addicting and fun to play. You can try playing the free demo version of this app or perhaps buy the paid version for more spot the difference games.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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$1.99 [iTunes Link]


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