Pocket RPG iPad App Review

Philip Garde July 17, 2011 0
Pocket RPG iPad App Review
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If you are looking for a good RPG game on your iPad, then you might want to check the app Pocket RPG. Here is our complete review:


Controls are average. You control your character by moving the left joystick on the screen, attack by pressing the right button. It would have been nice if you can control your character and move around by just pressing any part of the screen that you want to go to.


Graphics are nice, everything you expect from a role-playing game. Small characters with a nice beautiful 3d environment.


Gameplay is pretty much a delight. You can spend tons of hours on this game and still crave for more.


Music and sound effects are sweet. Very pleasing to the ears and not that dull as you expect on other RPG’s.


Some options do not have any name; you just have to click it to know its purpose.


  • Game center enabled
  • New quest or load your saved game, you also have the ability to choose your character – blade master (close range expert), dark ranger (archer) and battle Mage (spells).
  • Strengthen your character by collecting gold, loot items and buy weapons on the armoury. You can also master different skills using your skill points as you level up.
  • You have the option to turn off auto-aim as it is on by default. I preferred to have it off.
  • Enemies are not a walk in the park, I’ve struggled on my early play of the game. I pick the Mage and managed to level up and strengthen my character in the later part but still AI is very tough.
  • There is a slight glitch when running away from your enemies, they tend to go back and stop chasing you (even when not panicking) but that doesn’t affect the overall rating of this game.
  • Different characters provide various advantages. Know your characters strength to maximize their capabilities. For close range combats the blade master has the key to finish and stun opponents quickly.


Challenging AI, tough bosses, great role playing game, addictive


You can’t touch the screen to move, a bit slow to load, no map, one save slot, crashes a lot on iPad 1 (minimal crashes on iPad 2)


For fans of role-playing games, this is definitely a must-have. What are you waiting for? Hit that buy button before it goes back to its original price.


Pocket RPG iPad App ScreenshotPocket RPG iPad App Screenshot 2Pocket RPG iPad App Screenshot 3Pocket RPG iPad App Screenshot 4


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


Crescent Moon Games LLC

© 2011 Crescent Moon Games 


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