Prehistoric Park Builder Review

Patrick Garde December 14, 2013 0
Prehistoric Park Builder Review
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If you happen to love iPad apps where you put up rides and develop cities, Gear Games has a noteworthy builder in Prehistoric Park.  As the name implies, the setting is during the Stone Age era.  You construct a theme park and watch cave dwellers enjoy your swings and what not.  The mix of amusement park and prehistoric cave dwellers is definitely entertaining.

Just like the other builder games, you begin with some cash on hand and a property to create your masterpiece.  There is a tutorial at the start which lets you learn the ropes of buying rides, benches, decorations, etc. to achieve a theme park that will entice visitors.  The caveman is very helpful in suggesting what to do next at the bottom part of the screen.  As soon as you level up after some time, you will be able to fine-tune your approach without the help of a caveman which dictates your moves early.  Aside from the attractions that you need to maintain, you must also monitor the happiness of your visitors.  Give them refreshments or build facilities to server their needs.


Your goal in this game is to grow your amusement park into one of the craziest and biggest in history.  Build rides, connect walking paths to guide your visitors, decorate the area to bring out its beauty.  Ultimately, you want your customers to leave your park with a smile on their face.  I’m sure you don’t want to see your visitors getting it on inside your attraction.  If you fail to make them happy, they will otherwise leave or start a fight with other visitors (make sure you have guard on duty).  Monitor the coins you gain each time a customer rides on one of your rides.  This in-game currency can be used to upgrade your park.  Unlock more content by completing achievements and increasing your experience points (XP).

The only knock I have on this freemium title is there is a tendency to be grinding.  Though progress can be made steadily, it will be much faster if you avail of in-app purchases starting at $0.99.


All in all, Prehistoric Park Builder is an iPad app that features smooth graphics, distinctive premise, and tons of customization options.  It is a quality management / theme park type of game.  You will surely enjoy playing this fun builder especially if you like strategy or tycoon games.

Note: The game requires iPhone 4S/ iPod Touch 5/ iPad 2/ iPad mini or above.

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