Professor Dare’s World of Wizardry Quiz iPad App Review

Paula Garde September 25, 2011 0
Professor Dare’s World of Wizardry Quiz iPad App Review
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Although we may have bid farewell to the last book and movie, the magic of Harry Potter would certainly not be forgotten. How much do you still know about all the seven series? Challenge yourself now and take Professor Dare’s World of Wizardry Quiz.

This iPad app is specifically designed for Harry Potter fans. It contains more than 2000 multiple-choice questions that would test your knowledge about the boy wizard and his adventures. It is truly interesting as it lets you reminisce different scenes and remember the tiniest details of each book. Here is our complete review:

Single player has 3 modes – W.O.W Quiz, Classic and Sudden Death. In W.O.W Quiz, players have to answer 5 questions per round. Their goal is to fill the magic potion bottle in order to advance to the next round. In Classic mode, you have 3 lives and you need to answer 3 questions on each round. In Sudden Death, once you get a wrong answer, the game is over.

When you have chosen the game mode that you want to play, it is time to select the category. There are 3 lifelines available on each game mode – 50/50 removes 2 wrong answers from the choices; REVEAL instantly gives you the correct answer; and PAUSE which stops the clock and gives you time to think of your answer. These lifelines would help you get farther in the game.

The faster you answer each question, the more points you get. You can even boast your score and submit it to the Game Center, Facebook and Twitter to let others know how much a Harry Potter fan you really are.

Professor Dare’s World of Wizardry Quiz also has a Play and Pass feature for 2 players. You can compete with a friend using the same iPad. Find out who is more knowledgeable between you and your friend by taking turns answering the same sets of questions.

Professor Dare’s World of Wizardry Quiz is available on iTunes for 99 cents.

DISCLAIMER: This app is not an official Harry Potter quiz and not affiliated in any means with J.K. Rowling.


Over 2000 questions; different game modes; multiplayer feature; 3 lifelines to help you in the game; share your score online


Only two categories to choose from on each round;


Professor Dare’s World of Wizardry Quiz is a fun and exciting quiz for Harry Potter fans. This iPad app would test your knowledge on how much you still know about the wizard’s world. You would certainly have a challenging time remembering all the details in the story we all have come to love.


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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Wired Productions Limited


$0.99 [iTunes Link]


Promo code was given. We were not compensated in any means.

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