Starry duo iPad App Review

Patrick Garde March 7, 2014 0
Starry duo iPad App Review
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Starry Duo is a game from Mono Interactive, an independent game development studio based in Singapore run by founder Hon Tat Ong. This iPad app will let you fly through a magical forest full of mysterious creatures.

In Starry duo, you start off by selecting from either a male or female character. Before a level begins, tidbits of information are presented so that you’d know what to expect. In-game, there’s also a tutorial to get your feet wet with the mechanics. Control your character simply by dragging on the screen.

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Your goal is to collect stars which are the same color as your wand. Sounds easy, right? But when new elements are introduced, the screen gets busy with “treelings” and villains, that’s when it gets complicated. You will get acquainted with moths, devil bats, and a big boss in the early stages. Moths travel up and down, and you need to avoid it or else your health will take a hit. Meanwhile, devil bats will change whatever they bump into a deadly skull. Dodge those skulls, if not, the game will be over. Treelings like Tweeties come in two sizes, small and big. These birdies will transform whatever they collide with into its smaller or bigger version, respectively.

Whenever you pick-up a star, you replenish some of your life as indicated by a red bar on the top left corner. Accumulate nine stars to obtain a potion. This potion can be used to cast a spell which includes health regeneration, light, and fire, among others. The light spell will come in handy on a dark level where the moon doesn’t appear. It will give you enough vision to see almost half of the screen as compared to just ¼ without it.

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You can also monitor the distance that you’re travelling with the guide above. As soon as you’re near the finish line, it will blink with “finally” written on it. You may also notice the final stretch when the game tries to throw everything at you for a short burst. Survive the last wave to complete the level. Each time you complete a stage, you will be awarded with points. If ever you fail to finish the level, you will be shown an inspirational quote which you can share via social network like Facebook and Twitter. Personally, I like this feature as it kind of motivates you to be better on your next run.

This free-to-play game has in-app purchases if you want to avail of more potions starting at $0.99. Free potions can be had when you invite your Facebook friends or watch a video.

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You will love the challenging levels including the boss battles, harmless Treelings, immersive world with high-quality presentation (graphics, music and sound effects). Feeling a little bit competitive? Leaderboards are also present.

What I didn’t like was the frequent crashes on the first boss level. I’m using an iPad mini and I can’t get the past the first few seconds of the stage as it crashes thereafter.

Nevertheless, Starry Duo is one of the refreshing games in the App Store today. Though this iPad app features only 30 levels to begin with, every stage features new gameplay elements that will challenge you until the end.

Note: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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Developer: Mono Interactive

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