Sweet Kingdom iPad App Review

Patrick Garde January 19, 2014 0
Sweet Kingdom iPad App Review
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Recently, I reviewed a match-three puzzle game, Candy Boom, from Russian developer Eva Studio.  This time, their new iPad app, Sweet Kingdom, will get a closer look.  It is also a match-3 puzzler but with a few tricks up their sleeves.

The game runs on a similar mechanic of Candy Crush Saga.  It features a level-based structure where players need to match at least 3 pieces of candy to score points.  Your moves are limited so make sure to find the best possible matches early and often.  Every stage in Sweet Kingdom tasks the players to clear a number of candies on the screen.  Match 4 sweets will result in a power-up being introduced on the board, a bomb-like boost which blasts a small area of candies.  If ever you manage to connect 5 candies, a cyclone will randomly remove confections in a frenzied way.  Form a T or L shaped combos for a cross-bomb candy to surface.


Whenever you clear candies, they are dropped in the bottom part of the screen to corresponding buckets.  Each bucket is tagged with bonus points.  In addition, 6 different boosts can be utilized as well.  Power-ups include: Tweezers, which lets you move a candy or a key anywhere on the screen; Blender, it shuffles all the sweets on the board; Scoop, allows you to clear a whole column; Spatula, will meanwhile clear a row; Magic Wand, will double the worth of your sweets; and Mighty Mallet, which will clear 27 random candies.

At the end of every level, players receive stars depending on how many points they score.  Each time you collect the maximum number of stars (3), you will be given a gem which you can showcase in your collection.  I believe this will somehow increase the replay value of the game together with the achievements board.  This will give the player some sort of recognition.


Personally, I like the visuals the game presents.  The effects on explosions are quite a treat.  Also, the game comes with Facebook integration where you can simply connect your Facebook account and invite your buddies to play a round or two with you.

Meanwhile, you are only given 5 lives to complete the first world, Chocolate Mines, which is composed of 10 levels.  You can either wait 20 minutes to replenish a life or buy more via in-app purchase starting at $0.99.

Overall, Sweet Kingdom is a fun match-three puzzler that will entertain you for quite some time.  The developer seems to believe Lance Bert’s quote, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, as we see them joining the bandwagon of popular match three games with the right formula.  This iPad app should be downloaded by fans of matching games.

Note: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

iTunes Linkhttps://itunes.apple.com/app/id777513774

Price: Free

Developer: Eva Studio

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