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Paula Garde June 25, 2011 0
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Words with Friends HD is a new interactive word game that has been making a buzz. Here is our review of this iPad app:

Although the gameplay is similar to Scrabble, this app has more social features. Words with Friends HD allows you to play up to 20 games at a time, chat with your opponents, invite your Twitter and Facebook friends, and even play against anyone in any part of the world.

Words with Friends HD also gives you the luxury to play at your own pace as it doesn’t require you to finish one game in one sitting. You can do other important tasks and get back to your games once you have spare time. Notifications would simply pop-up on your screen to alert you of your turn or chat messages.

The design of this app is very organized since you can view your moves, your opponents’ moves and your completed games in separate sets. This makes it easier to identify the different games you’re currently playing.

If you don’t know anyone using this app, there’s no need to fret as it can randomly choose an opponent for you. Just click on the Random Opponent tab and let the app find a challenger for you! The Pass and Play lets you play a game with your family and friends using only one iPad by alternately taking turns.

Aside from the social features this app has, Words with Friends HD consists of other game features such as pass a turn, recall and swap the tiles, and resign from the game. You can earn more points by creating a word and strategically placing them on the double and triple letter or word squares.

On the downside, Words with Friends HD prevents you from rotating your screen to a landscape mode. The game board is permanently set to a portrait layout which is pretty much a disadvantage. A score preview, as you are placing your tiles, would have been a great feature so that you won’t have to mentally count your potential score.

Nonetheless, I absolutely enjoy playing this app and meeting new game buddies along the way. Ad-Free version of Words with Friends HD is available for $2.99 on iTunes or you can enjoy its FREE version at no cost.

Pros – play up to 20 games simultaneously; chat with your friends and game buddies; play at your own pace; select random opponent

Cons – portrait layout only; no score preview


Words with Friends HD is a socially interactive version of Scrabble. You can play a number of games at a time and even chat with your opponents. This app links you to anyone in the planet and lets you play against each other.


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Compatibility: iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Seller: Newtoy, Inc.

  • © 2011 Zynga Inc.

Price: $2.99 for Ad-Free [iTunes Link], Free with Ads [iTunes Link]

Copy: Purchased via iTunes Gift Card

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