All in Yoga HD iPad App Review

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All in Yoga HD iPad App Review
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Yoga is becoming a common de-stressing alternative for many busy people. The best part about yoga exercises is that they can be performed in a class under the supervision of a guru or at the comfort of the home if you know how to do it. Well, All-in YOGA HD is one of the latest iPad apps that aim to give you all the necessary details to perform yoga at home. It has several interesting features that make it a good app for in-house yoga practice.

iPad App Review:

Pose Base is an exhaustive collection of over 300 yoga poses. It covers a wide gamut of poses in yoga with detailed explanation on how to perform the poses. The poses are classified based on the level (Beginner, intermediate, Advanced and guru) and type. You can browse the list of poses to find the one you want and look at the photos and videos. The photos and videos provide a good description of the pose for you to understand it properly and perform the exercise correctly. All major poses also come with 3D muscle model to give you in depth understanding of how the pose impacts your muscles.

Quick Recipe mode can be accessed from My Programs on the main menu. It has many readymade programs. You can choose the programs you like and save them as favorites. This was you can access them easily the next time you want to start a yoga session. Each program comes with a defined duration and come with audio guide along with the photos for each pose. You can also see a countdown timer showing you the duration of the pose. If you are not sure about any pose, you can pause the program to read more about the pose and/ or even watch a video of the pose.

While quick recipes are great, you may not want a readymade program. You may have fixed goals and limited time to spend on yoga. In that case, you can tap into the professional support through the “Personal Yoga Teacher”. You need to provide your age, weight, goal, level, style and duration details and a program. The app will custom design a program to meet the goals and criteria you set.

Some advanced yoga practitioners may prefer to create their own yoga routine rather let the app decide what’s best for them. For such users, the All-in YOGA HD has a “Fast Mode”. This will give you a list of poses you want in your program. Select the poses you want and arrange them in the sequence you want. You can then set the duration for each pose and save the program. Once saved, you can access it to practice it as well as to edit it as needed. You can also add authentic yoga music to help you keep calm and relax through the entire yoga session. Besides, all your activities are also logged in a colorful calendar. You can get details about your progress and also get an inspiring quote to keep you going each day.

Some users found the details given for each pose to be limited for a beginner. While common poses have ample details for novices to practice, some of the complex ones are not explained well enough for new comers to practice easily.

Rating: 4.5/5


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