YOGA Free – iPad App Review

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YOGA Free – iPad App Review
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Yoga is an excellent exercise for flexibility and is great for anyone wishing to develop that or in need of a change from high impact sports or gym work. 

YOGA Free is an iPad app that allows you to work out in you own living room and it’s not only women who want that. Aside from the fact that it is all pink, this app is well laid out and beautifully easy to use. The interface is smooth and the options are simple but not overbearing.

Allowing you to add whatever music you have on you iOS device to an in-app playlist is a good touch because not everyone, men for instance (!), will want to listen to the calming sounds of nature, although the aim of yoga is relax, that doesn’t always float everyone’s boat.

I like the way the programs are entirely customizable allowing poses to be used as many times and in as many different programs as you like. This is great if you want an early morning program, a lunch time program and an after dinner program. It also allows other people to use the app who perhaps don’t own a compatible device without interfering with your own workout regime.

Although there are videos and text on how to perform the moves, the best thing about this app is that you can hit play and let the yoga master talk you through everything you need to do. Every pose lasts for forty seconds and that is a nice time, not too long but not too short, it certainly makes you feel like you’ve worked out after a twenty minute program. You are able to pause, skip and finish at any time too and once a program is completed a motivational quote comes up, which adds a nice touch.

The only problem with this app being the fact that YOGA Free is entirely women focused. The homepage is pink, the yoga poses are demonstrated purely by women and although the exercise is mostly associated with the fairer sex it is unfair to assume that no men would like to download and use this app.

Good thing about this app is its ability to guide users on practicing new and more advanced techniques. Working your way up from beginner to ‘Guru’ is a definite challenge and brings a slightly competitive side to the app. With the ability to share with Facebook and Twitter also lets other people know how much you are advancing and should spark them into action if you are in competition!

So aside from the fact that this is totally aimed at women the actual app itself works very well, has no crashing as of yet, allows you to use your own music as well as completely customize your own programs to your level and ability. Very good!

Rating: 4/ 5


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