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Paula Garde June 28, 2011 0
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Whether you are a heavy drinker or just like to drink occasionally, you’ll surely drool over Martha Stewart Cocktails iPad app. With its vibrant and delightful display of cocktail drinks, this app will help you mix up a variety of delicious classic and unique concoctions for you and your friends.

Martha Stewart Cocktails provides you with around 60 cocktail recipes and 15 bar snack recipes to go with it. The recipes are categorized into Martha’s Classics, Mocktails and Cutting Edge. The Mocktails and Cutting Edge sets are actually free, giving you not only more special recipes to try but these free sets definitely give you more than your money’s worth.

This app is easy and fun to navigate. It has a search wheel for exploring the combinations of diverse styles and liquors. You can also browse the different recipes by flipping through the pages. Each recipe page contains the picture and procedure of how to mix up each cocktail drink. It also features buttons for the history of the cocktail, an instructional video and tips on how to successfully prepare the drink. There is also a barware menu to help you familiarize yourself with the different tools used for making cocktails.

At the bottom of each recipe, there is also a unit conversion for changing the measurements. Moreover, you can even add notes regarding a recipe. Although you can’t zoom in the recipe page, you can still clearly follow the recipe by adjusting the font size located at the top right of your screen. And if you find a particular cocktail recipe wonderful, you can add it as one of your favorites or share it with your friends through email or Facebook.

I find these features very helpful especially for beginners like me. Although most of the ingredients are available in the supermarket, the only disadvantage I think is the availability of some of the hard-to-find ingredients such as candied clementine, ground cardamom and fresh shiso leaves. Nevertheless, it’s easy to whip up any cocktail for parties and events with the help of this amazing app.

Martha Stewart Cocktails is available on iTunes for $2.99.

Pros – very useful; beautiful display of cocktails; a lot of helpful features; 2 free sets (Mocktails and Cutting Edge)

Cons – a few hard-to-find ingredients;


Martha Stewart Cocktails is a useful app for making delicious concoctions that are great for parties and events. There’s basically no need to hire an expert bartender as there are 60 easy-to-follow cocktail recipes that even beginners can mix up.


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Compatibility: iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

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