PlayItYourself 4 HD iPad App Review

Paula Garde August 2, 2011 0
PlayItYourself 4 HD iPad App Review
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PlayItYourself 4 HD iPad app allows you to play the piano easily. The keys are highlighted for you to be able to play a certain song smoothly. There’s basically no need to read the musical sheets so there’s no chance for you to get intimidated. Here’s our complete review:

This app is ideal for kids and for anyone who wants to improve their musical skills. It contains a number of famous songs such as Jingle Bells, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Amazing Grace, Star-Spangled Banner and some classical pieces like Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise and Waltz among others.

Beginners would have fun playing these songs like a pro. But then you have to choose the easier ones first for practice as this app does not have difficulty levels.

You have the option to listen to the song first before deciding to unlock it. Once the song is unlocked, try your best to earn as many points as you can by playing the melody perfectly. However, take note that it could be a challenge as this app is quite strict on how well you follow the tunes.

But I’d say that this is a good practice for those budding pianists. Aside from playing the song almost perfectly, you can also learn to professionally read notes on the music sheet though it does not start off easy.

PlayItYourself 4 HD produces high-quality sound like that of a real piano. It also lets you even play with one hand as it automatically plays the other hand for you. The tempo is also adjusted to suit your pace. The built-in piano is in full-size but you can adjust and choose to use the lower or higher key tones.

This app also allows you to compose your own musical scores. You can do this through MuseScore which you need to download for free. Just follow the steps on the link provided in the app.

PlayItYourself 4 HD is available on iTunes for free.


Highlighted keys for easy play; good practice for professional pianists; create your own scores; professional musical sheets


Portrait only; quite challenging for kids and beginners; no difficulty levels;


PlayItYourself 4 HD is a fun and challenging musical iPad app. It makes playing the piano easy with its highlighted keys but it also poses quite a challenge to reach the expected score in order to gain more points and unlock other songs.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


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