FotoBrander iPad App Review

Paula Garde October 9, 2011 0
FotoBrander iPad App Review
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Feel like giving your favorite photos a simple and personalized look? Don’t fret as it does not require advanced photo editing skills.

Make a mark on your photos by putting personalized captions, titles, greetings and messages with FotoBrander iPad app. Having more than 200 unique designs of seals, stamps, badges, labels, stickers and memos, you’ll definitely make your photos even more memorable. Choose from the wide collection of designs and start branding your pictures. Whether it is your birthday, wedding, or graduation – whatever occasion or special day it is – you can always make your photographs unforgettable. Here is our complete review:

Why don’t you name the places you have been to? Or the vacations you’ve had with your loved ones? How about your newborn baby’s monthly progress? Write the specific date and location or any valuable details on your pictures with FotoBrander so you won’t ever forget these treasured memories in your life. If you’re into photography, you can also place a watermark-like logo on every picture you make for your photography services. It is an instant promotion and marketing for your up-and-coming company. There are just so many ideas you can actually do with FotoBrander.

With its user guide, you can easily navigate this app and brand your pictures in an instant. But even without reading through the manual, you can figure out what to do as FotoBrander is very simple to use. Write anything you want to include on the design you have selected. Then choose the font, its color and size and save it. After placing your saved FotoBrander image on your photo, you have the option to save it in your Photo Library, send it to your email, or share it with your Facebook friends. And every time you create and save a FotoBrander image, it will always be available for future use.

FotoBrander is available on iTunes for $3.99.


More than 200 wonderful designs to choose from; easy to navigate; user guide function; save, send to email or share in Facebook; make the photos more memorable by adding details; delete buttons


Portrait mode only


FotoBrander is an iPad app designed to make your photos more memorable. With over 200 designs, you can add precious notes and place them on your pictures. Through this, you won’t ever forget the event and details of that special day.

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