EuroSmartz Makes Printing from Your iPad or iPhone Easy

Dan Jones June 29, 2012 0
EuroSmartz Makes Printing from Your iPad or iPhone Easy

Despite all the talk about going “paperless”, printing hard copies of files, documents and photos is still a necessity for most businesses. However, printing these items has gotten a lot easier with the arrival of printer apps – software application designed specifically for printing using computers and mobile devices.

While there are a multitude of printing apps on the market today, one developer stands out from the rest.Founded back in 1994 by two brothers from New Zealand, EuroSmartz has excelled in developing software products across multiple platforms and operating systems. Today EuroSmartz has a well-earned reputation for releasing high quality, user friendly printer apps.

If you’re looking for a great printer app for your iPhone or iPad you might want to start your search at the EuroSmartz website. Their apps are reasonably priced and can be used for a wide variety of print projects.

Here’s a rundown of the printing apps for iPad and iPhones from EuroSmartz:

PrintBureau $19.99
PrintBureau is a multi-purpose printing app that runs on all iOS devices and can print to any printer. With Print Bureau users can transfer, print and store files or documents from their cloud accounts; the app also allows them to print from other apps as well.

Print n Share Pro $9.99
Print n Share Pro is a multi-user productivity app that enables users to store and print files and documents as well as emails, web pages and images from their iPhones or iPads. The Print n Share app can be used to convert several common file formats to PDF and print them as PDF files. Print n Share Pro prints direct to most wireless printers; it can be used with all printers by installing Eurosmartz’s free WePrint software, if needed. WePrint also gives users the ability to print via 3G/4G, allowing them to quickly and easily send print jobs to their printer from their iPad or iPhone. The app’s multi user capabilities make it excellent for any group or organization where individuals share a common iPad. It lets individual users create separate password protected profiles, giving them exclusive access to their own files and emails.

Print Central Pro $9.99
PrintCentral Pro lets users print email, contacts, web pages, copied “clips”, email attachments, photos, text messages, shipping labels and much more. Users can move files to or from their computers and print them. PrintCentral Pro will print directly to most existing Wi-Fi or shared printers; if needed, users can also download the free WePrint software that will allow them to print using any printer.

Doc Printer $5.99
The DocPrinter app enables users to print and transfer their documents and files to their iPad or iPhone from their computers or online storage sites. Doc Printer is excellent for browsing, transferring and printing files, documents, photos and web pages.

ClipPrinter and transfer $2.99
ClipPrinter is a useful app for copy and paste management and printing. Users can print and store pasted clips as files, making them easily available for archiving, previewing, emailing and grouping.

You can transform any iPhone or iPad into a print center with these great apps from EuroSmartz. Their apps let users send print jobs from anywhere to any place at anytime. Until “paperless” workplaces become a reality it’s nice to have tools like EuroSmartz’s line of print apps to make producing hard copies a breeze.

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