GoodReader iPad App Review

Philip Garde October 8, 2011 0
GoodReader iPad App Review
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GoodReader iPad app is extremely useful. It can do a lot of things for you – manage your files with ease, star your important files, cut, copy, protect, rename, email, open in another compatible application and a lot more. Here is our complete review:

The user interface of this app is very organized and easy to navigate. You can preview your files. It also has a search function so you can find your files in an instant. Moreover, this app can read large PDF files, Microsoft office files such as .doc (MS Word), .xls (MS Excel), .ppt (MS PowerPoint) and iWork files as well. High definition images, music and videos that are supported by the native iOS can also be opened by this incredible application.

The presentation is one of the strongest features of this app. It has a help section wherein it tackles all the different features this application has to offer.  It is very clean and uncluttered as it uses a two column division for the files.

GoodReader can also annotate your PDF files. Stick post-it notes, highlight a word or sentence and you can even add comments, which can then be saved. The ability to sync from different cloud services such as Dropbox, SugarSync and various remote servers as well FTP, SFTP is definitely a big plus.

GoodReader is available on iTunes for $4.99.


Well-organized, clean and uncluttered, everything is easy to understand; highly productive application that can be a major part of your daily work;  create PDF annotated copy to preserve the original file; create pop-up notes from PDF file; browse the web.


Controlling the PDF file is not a piece of cake, especially when you do not read the HELP section and figure it out yourself (exactly what I did)


GoodReader is an all-in-one application that unleashes your iPad to its maximum potential.  This iPad app is one of the finest apps ever made. Extremely useful and definitely a must-have!

Promo code was given. We were not compensated in any means.

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