iCAD Professional: Advanced 3D Model Viewer for the iPad

Patrick Garde September 10, 2011 0
iCAD Professional: Advanced 3D Model Viewer for the iPad

If you’ve been waiting for a high quality 3D model viewer to come to the iPad, your wait is over. iCAD allows you to view CAD and 3D models on the go with advanced viewing capabilities such as:

-Solid clipping planes
-Hiding parts
-Standard views
-On screen model markup
-Model and screenshot sharing
-Many file formats supported (OBJ, STL, IV, DAE, 3DS, ASC, ZIP)
-Integrated FTP support
-Model measurements
-Scene customization
-Intuitive view controls

Even more features are being worked on for future releases, including:

-Changing individual part colors
-Saving model states
-Support for textures
-iPhone Support

iCAD is perfect for sharing your designs and ideas without having to hassle with a bulky laptop or requiring the use of a desktop computer. iCAD is ideal for engineers, designers, manufacturing, quality control, 3D animators, sales and management.

If you’d like to try out iCAD Professional, a free version is available that includes several sample models for you to play with.

[iTunes Link – Paid | iTunes Link – Free]

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