mSecure iPad App Review

Paula Garde October 8, 2011 0
mSecure iPad App Review
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Do you have the tendency to forget important personal data such as passwords, numbers, and account information? Have you ever experienced being denied when you access your personal accounts? With mSecure, never will you experience these forgetful incidents again. Here is our complete review of this iPad app:

mSecure is an effective and easy-to-use password manager. Storing your data is simple and all your private records are stored safely. Since security is its top priority, it uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption to give users complete protection. This app also has an auto-lock feature to keep your account even more protected.

Another security feature this app provides is its self-destruct function. Simply select this function from the options and when hackers try to access your mSecure account, it will automatically destroy all your saved data after a certain number of failed password attempts.

The user interface is simple and has a friendly appeal contrary to other dark and serious-looking private data security apps. mSecure allows you to add a little of your personality and style as it lets you customize the theme color and font style of your account. Icons on each category can also be personally picked from a wide range of logos available.

mSecure also has a back-up data function through email or even in your MAC or Windows by downloading a free copy of mBackup. You never have to worry about losing any of your personal data. Another great feature of this app is its ability to sync and import your data via Wi-Fi or Dropbox. Synching is done in a flash and guaranteed to be completely secured.

mSecure is available on iTunes for $6.99.


256-bit Blowfish encryption, auto-lock and self-destruct functions; clean and friendly interface; customized accounts; back-up data and sync features;




mSecure is a reliable password manager. With a number of security features this iPad app provides, your data are in safe hands. There is no chance for you to forget your passwords, numbers, usernames and any valuable information ever again.

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