NoteLedge iPad App Review

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NoteLedge iPad App Review
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Be it a quick note to remind you to pick up something from a grocery store on the way back home or something important to follow up at office, note making is just something we all do. However, we can get so reliant on making notes that eventually organising them could get overwhelming. Apps like NoteLedge are ideal to help you in this task. While this may not be your only alternative, it certainly has some interesting features that make it a decent app to have on your iPad.

NoteLedge is not a simple note taking app, it is loaded with features which make it a great tool for a wide range of uses. It has a folder view which displays all your notes. These notes are sorted based on the date they were created. You get a simple calendar on the top section of the screen – you can simply scroll to the date you want and look up the note.

Simple note taking apps allow you to type or handwrite notes on a blank page. NoteLedge takes this concept a bit further and allows you to add all kinds of multimedia to your note. You add anything from a simple picture clicked from your iPad camera to a proper video file which you can play whenever you want. It has a wide range of editing tools. You can start from blank or rule note template and then you pick the writing tool – crayon, pencil or three types of brushes. You can also adjust the thickness of the pencil and its opacity. If you do not want handwritten notes you can type them in too; you can vary the font size, type and color.

This app has some default settings of how your notes get entered, but then it offers you a host of features to customize them to meet your needs. For example, if you have a picture shot from your iPad camera, you can then add filters to it like change it from a color picture to a black and white one or enhance the colors further, etc. It also allows you to post your notes on Facebook or create .jpg or .pdf files in a matter of seconds so that you can email them to anyone. For more formal meetings you can also project your notes and display them in a slideshow. NoteLedge also connects to cloud networks like DropBox, Google Docs, etc. where you can store your creations for future reference.

However, I want to point out a downside here. Some users may find the file handling a bit confusing. Saving files and reloading them are not always an intuitive as some people would like – so you could end up deleting some files in error. It is a good practice to first create a series of test notes till you get a good grasp of this app. Once you have a decent command over it, you can do wonderful things with this app.

Rating: 4/5


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