WritePad iPad App Review

Paula Garde September 11, 2011 0
WritePad iPad App Review
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WritePad is not just another writing app. With its numerous features available, you need to read the user guide from start to finish for you to fully enjoy and maximize all the functions of this iPad app. It certainly has all your note-taking needs. Here is our complete review:

WritePad has advanced handwriting recognition software that digitally transforms your writing into text. You can choose the way you write as this app lets you jot down your notes using your finger, a stylus pen or the iPad keyboard.

This wonderful app has also provided several built in functions such as a dictionary, calculator, auto-corrector, context analyzer, shorthand features and simple gesture shortcuts. It is available to view the document information like the file size, number of characters, and words. With so many tools included in his app, there’s definitely nothing more to ask for.

WritePad also allows users to customize the setting. You could select among a variety of choices concerning the app’s theme color, kind of dictionary, letter shapes and a lot more. You could also activate a number of features according to your preference and needs.

This app lets you send and upload your notes directly to your email and Google Docs or share them on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. What’s more is that you can transfer your files to another iPhone or iPad through Wi-Fi. Synchronizing your documents with Evernote, Dropbox or iTunes is also possible.

WritePad is available on iTunes for $9.99.


Has various features; advanced handwriting recognition software, digitally transforms your writing into text; built-in functions; customized setting;


Quite pricey


WritePad is the finest note-taking iPad app available. With all the features it boasts, you won’t look for another writing app for sure. It provides all your needs for taking notes.


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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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$9.99 [iTunes Link]


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