Marine Fishes iPad App Review

Paula Garde October 8, 2011 0
Marine Fishes iPad App Review
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There are thousands of fish species in the world. If you’re looking for an iPad app that provides you a lot of information about the different kinds of fish, Marine Fishes is the ideal app to have as it is based on the book of marine biologist, Marcelo Szpilman.  Here is our complete review:

This app is ideal for students who are studying Ichthyology or anyone interested in fish as it contains hundreds of fish species. To make it even easier to learn each type of fish, there are numerous colored and black and white fish illustrations included in this app. These photos would help you to familiarize yourself to each fish type.

Marine Fishes not only comes in English but it also written in Spanish and Portuguese. You can search for a specific fish by names, families, and genera or through the Dictionary in this app. The scientific names and common names of all the fish are also available in 3 languages mentioned above.

Each Species Card provides the following information about the specific fish: its color, characteristics, measurements, range, habitat, behavior, catch and quality of its flesh, threat of extinction, different names in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Some cards also come with a real underwater shot of the fish.

When you want to test yourself on how much you have learned, you can play the Memory Game and Identification Game in this app. It is not easy to complete and get a high score in either of the game as it requires you to be quite familiar with the names and photos of the fish. These games are truly challenging yet fun.

Marine Fishes is available on iTunes for $9.99.


This iPad app comes in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese); contains detailed fish information; colored and black and white photos of fish; two challenging fish games; Dictionary


Not all fish species have illustrations; quite pricey


Marine Fishes is a compilation of a variety of fish species. It includes numerous colored and black and white fish illustrations as well as detailed information about each type of fish.  There are also 2 challenging fish games that would certainly teach you about fish in a more fun and easier way.

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