Premium Facebook Browser iPad App Review

Paula Garde July 6, 2011 1
Premium Facebook Browser iPad App Review
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Premium Facebook Browser is another amazing iPad app designed especially for the social networking site. Aside from having sleek and organized interface, this app is also easy to learn and navigate. Below is our complete review:

A number of tips are given when you first login to your Facebook account using this special browser. Tab buttons are all neatly placed on the left side for fast and easy access of your profile, photos, videos, newsfeed, friends and more. Touch and hold each tab to show its sub sections. Landscape and Portrait modes are both functional in this browser.

This app surely does live up to its name as it is truly one of the premium browsers for Facebook. Unlike the other browsers, you can save pics from your account to your Photos. If you’re using an iPad 2, you can even directly capture and upload photos to your Facebook page. Changing your profile picture is also possible with Premium Facebook Browser. You just can’t crop the photo to your preferred size.

Another good feature of this browser is that videos can easily be played. Premium Facebook Browser also features its Checkin icon which shows detailed maps of places. You can checkin using this app and view your friends’ checkin places as well. What’s more is that you can translate words and sentences into different languages as this app is supported by Google Translate. But don’t expect the translation to be perfect though.

Offline browsing is another wonderful feature of this app. You can browse through your account even without an internet connection because of its Smart Caching. But then, access is limited to the pages you have previously visited and there are no real-time updates.

Premium Facebook Browser actually does not require your email and password the next time you login, providing you a very quick access to your Facebook account. However, it also made me realize that the security is insufficient as it gives others an easy way of accessing it, too. So you have to be extra careful to whom you share your device. Another downside is that its chat feature is still in the process of becoming available in this browser. Nonetheless, this app does a lot of amazing things that other browsers just can’t do.

Premium Facebook Browser is available on iTunes for $1.99.

Pros – sleek and organized interface; easy to navigate; offline browsing feature; portrait and landscape modes available; translation feature

Cons – inadequate security features; chat is not yet available; limited offline browsing;


Premium Facebook Browser iPad app is a modern and professional-looking browser designed for Facebook. It has a lot of new features such as offline browsing and direct photo capture and upload. Although the security features are somehow insufficient, this app still lives up to its name of being a premium browser for Facebook.

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Compatibility: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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Price: $1.99 [iTunes Link]

Copy: Review code was given by Nam Kennic. We were not compensated in any means.

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