FanKave iPad App Review

Patrick Garde January 9, 2014 0
FanKave iPad App Review
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As an introvert, I can say that I’m not the most social person you’ll encounter.  I hate small talks and I can probably keep my mouth shut for hours.  Since last year, I’ve been working at home either as a freelance writer or an SEO specialist where I usually communicate via e-mail.  So, when I found out about FanKave, an iPad app from Sasi Parthasarathy, that lets you connect with your friends via sports, I decided to give it a try as I loved watching sports more than playing an actual game.

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The timing of the release date couldn’t be any better as the National Football League (NFL) playoffs are underway with the Divisional Playoff starting this weekend.  If you can’t watch the football games live or you do not have the budget for the expensive playoff tickets, FanKave is definitely a good alternative.  With this app, you can invite your buddies to watch your favorite team’s game and utilize the app’s service (think Skype) where anyone can cheer, jeer, scream, or just plainly talk trash.  I would have loved to use this app together with my brother; unfortunately, his Chicago Bears didn’t make the playoffs.

The application provides voice/text chat plus live scores and play-by-play updates from around the NFL and NCAA Football.  If you’re more comfortable typing your thoughts, then you can post your remarks on Facebook and Twitter.  Luckily, FanKave will add information about the play you’re indicating, so that your other friends and followers will not be clueless as to what you’re talking about.  Other handy features include navigating a smooth user interface, picking your favorite teams, seamless social network integration, and hangout like place called Kaves.  A Kave can be composed of your dirty-talking buddies or your wholesome family.  It all depends on who you invite.  Another feature that you will love is the ability to mute another person.  Whenever you get frustrated or annoyed, just hit the mute button to stop hearing your friend’s irritating voice.

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As far as the minor drawbacks are concerned, you might experience an occasional crash but it can be overlooked.  Also, it would have been better if more leagues are added aside from pro football and college football though it can happen with an update.  Lastly, it’s currently available only on iPad.  Hopefully, they can make the app universal.

Nevertheless, FanKave offers an unbeatable venue to mingle with your friends.  It may be compared to the popular messaging apps installed on your iOS devices but it comes with a twist as you connect with your buddies through games.  This iPad app is definitely a must-have for sports fanatic who like to interact with their pals during game day.

Note: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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