Plan Your Journeys with Routes iPad App

Patrick Garde December 25, 2011 0
Plan Your Journeys with Routes iPad App

Planning your journeys with Routes. Planning your Journeys is now as easy as touching a map! Forget using a paper map in a Hotel when you are going to planning the route for tomorrow! With this app you will save a lot of time and it will be much more easy!With Routes. Planning your Journeys you can:
– Create infinite itineraries, for example: Trip to London 2012, Christmas holidays…
– Create routes for each itinerary, for example: Visiting the old town, Go shopping, A pub route…
– Add up to 25!! waypoints for each route by simply tapping the map. So easy, no?
– For each waypoint you will see the Google Street View image and more info.
– Search for places, restaurants, pubs, monuments… and add them to the route if you want.
– Edit your route when you want: change the waypoints order, remove a waypoint, etc. The new route will be calculated automatically!
– Also you can see the the full step itinerary for each route.
– The App calculates the total distance and the total time for a route.
– Fastest route button also available! The App calculates the fastest route if you want by reordering all the waypoints!
– Three maps types available: Classic, Hybrid & Satellite.
– Three route types available: Driving, Cycling & walking.
– Share itineraries and routes via e-mail!
– Print itineraries and routes with AirPrint!
– Share all your data with iCloud (iOS5)
– Full iOS5 support!

Routes. Planning your Journeys have a wonderful interface design. Each itinerary and each route have a different color that you can choose when you create them. The interface will adapt to these colors so using the app will be even more funny and less boring!

Routes. Planning your Journeys is designed for iPhone & iPad so you have only to pay once to get it for both devices. With iCloud support all your itineraries and routes will be shared on all your devices!

Full App Name: Routes. Planning your Journeys.
Universal App (designed for both iPhone & iPad).
Minimum iOS version: 4.2
iOS 5 full support.
App Store Sections: Travel, Navigation.
Price: $0,99
Date available: First week of December 2011.

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