RondomTali London: Awesome Travel App for Kids

Patrick Garde June 17, 2012 0
RondomTali London: Awesome Travel App for Kids

RondomTali London, a new awesome iPad travel app for kids released by Rondomtali Travel CC. We are pleased to launch the award-winning interactive app to enhance your travel experience! 

The word RONDOMTALI is a cool Afrikaans word for merry-go-round.  A little girl named Tali will travel to big cities around the word in a series of apps.

The new app is all about travelling to London with sports activities to accommodate the upcoming Olympic Games. Your child will tickle Big Ben, row under the Tower Bridge, shoot fireworks from the London Eye, become a Sport star and meet the queen at Buckingham Palace.

Is it difficult to explain to your kids where you are going or what will be there?

  • Tali makes it easy! Learn and recognise exciting landmarks.
  • Tali makes it fun! Interactive discovery.
  • Tali makes it glamorous! Meet famous people.


The app will be available in English and Afrikaans. It is educational and informative, apart from being interactive. Target age groups are 2 years to 8 years.

Rondomtali London is available in the Appstore: 

Their website is:

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