PDF Reader iPad App Review

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PDF Reader iPad App Review
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The hard copies and physical specimens of files can be a cumbersome burden to carry from place to place, so people prefer soft copies, which make it much easier to carry and access them. App Store has a lot of apps to help users handle these soft copies.

iPad App Review:

PDF Reader for iPad helps in viewing all types of document files and in storing various types of information. It can be used for studies, work or enjoyment by signing files or reading comic books.  Sharing and managing files on this app is easy, since it accepts and helps in reading all kinds of files such as PDF, MS Office documents, iWork, ePUB and comics.

Managing of files is a much important part of this app and the annotated features allow for much organized and better file sharing and accessing. It facilitates easy incoming and outgoing of important information. The navigating has been toned down and made much more user- friendly to facilitate greater usability. The procedures are simple – one can view much larger files because of the better interface. Extracting PDF files has become easier – a direct extraction can also help in converting these texts into any other format. The files can also be book marked, outlined or thumb nailed according to ones preference.

Reference sources in the form of text boxes or annotations which can be printed out on a wireless network can help with the management of details. Documents, forms and contracts can be filled out by themselves on the iPad itself, once they are downloaded from the built-in browser. PDF format files can also be filled out by hand, since they can help in reducing fraud or even breach in confidentiality. Forgery and crimes can be reduced, once the application identifies the handwriting.

Backing up files on iCloud is another safety feature which is a great help, since it can also share and transfer information through the wireless internet. The FTP client support is also a help and one can also scan almost anything into the iPad, such as document, business cards and notes, through the built-in camera and much work can thus, be scanned and printed out or stored. Images are also supported on the application which is a great boon for kids.

The touch facility makes the working of this app a dream, since it can clearly highlight, underline or strike through any important or useless information. Attaching sticky notes or extra information has never been easier, while the stamp tool can help any user identify the status of any particular document. The one major disadvantage of this app is that due to workload it can make it crash. I hope, this is a minor bug which will be fixed when a better version comes out.


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iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdf-reader-ipad-edition/id367816156?mt=8

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